PAM Sports Psychology: mental motion

In order to be able to treat elite athletes best way possible it is important to truly understand what they are coming from, how their mind works, the pressure they feel, their everyday life and what it takes to be able to balance all this at once.

Through teaching, own reflections, discussions two and two and in groups and a bunch of exercises, you will be able to use and apply the right sports psychology focus when treating elite athletes as patients.

Day 1 - November 13, 2021 Day 2 - November 14, 2021
The fundamentals of sports psychology – and mental toughness. What is talent?
Myths about the human brain from a cognitive perspective. What you need to know about talent development and the influence of the environment.
Understanding the psychology of high performance. The life of an elite athlete.
The basics of mental training – how we practically work with the mind of elite athletes. How to create balance in a stressful life?
How you apply your knowledge from the course in to your treatments of elite athletes?


Janne Mortensen founded Mental Motion in 2010. Since 2012 she is part of the external sports psychological network of Team Denmark. As expert in sports psychology and mental training, Janne has coached national teams and world-class athletes, taking them to European and World Championships countless times. Janna also started with Denmark’s first online service platform for sports parents. Aiding your mindset every step of the way, Janne can optimize every part of your personality to handle any obstacle you might face.

Janne helps sport coaches to be able to implement mental training as a part of the physical practice as well as developing the skills to help young people achieve a strong mindset, and developed an online service platform for sports parents as wel as an online mental training platform “Mental Motion Online”.

In a team of 5 consultants – she works with athletes, coaches, parents, clubs, schools, organizations, national teams, leaders and business on performance enhancement through individual, cultural and environmental development. She developed specific programs for public schools (7-9 grade, elite sports) to improve mental health and well-being as well as preparing the young people for their future. She also developed several Talent Programs for young athletes to find balance between sport and life outside sport. Helping them make conscious decisions on what is right and meaningful to them.

Course fee

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