PAM Clinical reasoning in sports


October 21-24, 2020.

Clinical reasoning is the skill of linking one’s own observations and interpretations to medical knowledge. It is the processe process by which clinicians collect signs, process information, understand the patient’s medical situation or problem, plan and implement appropriate interventions, evaluate outcomes, and learn from this entire process. It forms the basis of a safe and – above all – an efficient practice.

During four days, David Barrix will focus on the link between anatomy, physiology and neurology in the maintenance of homeostasis but also in the development of dysfunctions and structural pathologies.

David will give you a far-reaching practical insight into the possibilities – but also the shortcomings – of medical imaging and blood, urine and stool analysis in our daily sports practice. Based on numerous common practical examples, a step-by-step manual is taught that can help in the decision-making process of functional and/or structural problems, both in the evaluation of musculoskeletal problems as well in more systemic diseases.


After studying physical therapy in Brussels, David obtained his degree in osteopathy at the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO) in 2003. Subsequently, he obtained his bachelor’s degree at the University of Westminster and graduated in 2012 as Master in Osteopathy at the University of Applied Sciences in Innsbruck.

Besides the functional assessments, David is an expert in analyzing the results of both medical imaging and other medical examinations (blood tests, urine tests, etc.) and in using this as basis of his functional treatment.

Course price

1030€. Syllabus, eCampus, coffee and lunch included.

Telefoon: +32 (0) 9 233 04 03 - Op dinsdag en donderdag tussen 9:00 en 12:30.