PAM Sports Performance

Day 1 - 25/11/2021 Day 2 - 26/11/2021
Adaptation to training. Training & detraining.
> Musculoskeletal responses to exercise/training. > Warming up & cooling down.
> Hormonal responses to exercise/training. > Power.
> Neurologic responses to exercise/training. > System assessment.
> Cardiorespiratory responses to exercise/training. > Speed.
> Immunologic responses to exercise/training. > Balance.
> Other. > Coordination.
Stretching: the facts vs. the myths. The continuum of training stages.
> Planning.
> Recuperation.
> Overreaching & overtraining.


Drs. Gerard van der Poel is movement scientist, specialized in exercise physiology. Since 1993, he has been working from his own company Infomotion at the intersection of science and practice. Gerard is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher in several (post-)academic courses in the field of exercise Physiology & Training.

His expertise lies in the scientific foundation of stretching, the exercise physiology and physical training of the elderly, diabetes patients an patients with coronary heart disease(s). Gerard van der Poel is also (co-)author of several books and articles in professional journals. 

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